Meet the ColourSoft Team

Meet The ColourSoft Team

Our team is what makes the company and instils our core values

The Management

Tawfiq Magan – Managing Director

With over 20 years experience in the office automation industry, and having been educated in the UK, with over 5 years working experience in London, Tawfiq brings an all round ethical business model which puts our customers needs first, and always has. He loves reading, traveling, catching up on the latest technological trends, sport (especially snooker), and he values his family and relationships

Zahid Magan – Director

Having worked with Total Office Solutions (EA) Ltd for over 15 years, and also educated in the UK, Zahid brings a wealth of experience in our industry, supervising all departments within the company. He loves Manchester Utd, movies, amongst others, but his inner strength comes from his family and religion.

Jayne Ndirangu – Sales Director

Jayne is energy personified. She transmutes her fun, zestful and sparkling personality every time you talk with her.  She’s been with the company since it’s inception, and leads a great sales team. She loves her work, is very family oriented, watches documentaries, and loves traveling.

Imran Mohammed – Chief Financial Officer

With a background in Engineering, Imran is a man of many talents. With attention to detail, we know our company is in safe hands with him at the helm. Imran loves BBQ’s. Enough said!

Saminah Malik – Human Resource Manager

She has OCD when it comes to putting the house in order, and that’s exactly why we love Saminah. She loves organizing, you heard right! She also loves animals, especially cats (she has 2!), reading, and conspiracy theories. She is always there to support our company when seeking solutions.

Rizwan Akram – Retail Manager

Rizwan heads up our mega store in Central Business District, Nairobi. He looks intimidating, but he’s really a softy. He loves engineering, cars, and family.