Total Office Solutions (EA) Ltd. has been operational for 18 years since 2000 and is a fully owned family company.


In August 2000, Total Office Solutions opened its first office situated at The Mall in Westlands (Later relocated to larger premises in Soin Arcade, Westlands). The Primary motive of this office was to establish a solid foundation of low-mileage imported refurbished office equipment, namely photocopiers. This venture has proved to be a very successful one and has as a result influenced our decision to expand further.


In the year 2003, the company ventured into the consumables market focusing mainly of Inkjet and Laserjet printers. Since then we have grown to supply stationary franchises, supermarkets, banks, airlines, insurance companies and many more from our distribution centre in Westlands.


In 2005, Total Office Solutions aquired a warehouse of 4,500 sq ft in addition to it's storage space of 2,200 sq ft located above it's headoffice. This was to accomodate the large number of photocopiers and consumables storage area.


By 2006, Total Office Solutions (EA) Ltd. became the largest and undisputed leader in the supply of Refurbished copiers across East Africa and the largest Compatible Laser Toner supplier with ColourSoft.


In 2009 the company opened its first retail outlet in a great location situated on the ground floor of Jubilee insurance house (*Later relocated to a superstore on Kaunda street at the Jubilee Exchange Building in August 2013). In 2010 we opened up our first superstore located on the ground floor of Moktar Daddah Street facing Jevanjee gardens. These new branches have given our customers easier accessibility to our great products.

Our Head-Office is based in Empress Office Suites, Westlands. Additionally, we have two retail shops based in the centre of Nairobi Central Business District. Currently Total Office Solutions has 42 employees and is growing by more than 25% per year (based on Audited accounts Year 2008 - 2018)






In February 2012, Total Office Solutions proudly achieved their ISO 9001 Certification for quality management and logistical systems.




A company which everyone wants to work for is considered a successful one, not only because of monetary reasons, but the way its employees feel about themselves.


There are only a limited amount of companies that display the kind of team spirit that is most evident at Total Office Solutions (EA) Ltd. We believe in rewarding our employees with progressive growth of the company. Not only that, but creating a fun environment, giving responsibility, and setting targets is all part of our management policy which keeps our employees looking forward to coming into work.


It is our inherent philosophy to develop our most important resource – our staff. Identifying key skills and maximizing potential in employees is our endeavor in placing the right people in the right places so that our customers get maximum output.


Our company is committed to promoting equal opportunity, and this is seen by the multifaceted cultures that exist within our working environment. We strictly believe in hiring the best man or woman for the job!